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Review of Asus PB279Q

High quality 4K monitors are designed to offer superb image quality that can suit the needs of color-sensitive gamers and graphic designers. The following Asus PB279Q review starts by highlighting its key benefits that make this monitor recommendable for gamers.
The Asus PB279Q is a quality 4K monitor purposely built for providing high-quality visuals and images. It features an adjustable stand that allows for the rotation, swivel and tilt of the monitor. 
Asus PB279Q Monitor. Photo credit:
About Asus
The Asus PB279Q monitor is made by AsusTek Computer Inc, a Taiwan-based multinational electronic and computer hardware company. The company name is usually shortened to Asus, with the official history of the company stating that this name is derived from Pegasus, a winged mythological creature. The name was chosen to highlight the commitment of the company to rapid innovation, efficiency of service, and persistent perfection of its products.
Asus was established in April 1989 by four ex-Acer hardware engineers. Since its establishment, the company has gained a reputation for manufacturing high-quality products that offer superb performance. Its range of products include laptops, desktops, servers, netbooks, workstations, mobile phones, tablet computers, mortherboards, networking equipments, projectors, optical storage devices, graphic cards, multimedia products, and high-performance monitors.
Asus is responsible for launching the first ultra-thin notebook, dubbed Asus U36, in 2010. It is also responsible for other innovative computer hardware components, and quality of its products have given a high reputation in the computer industry. In fact, Asus is rated as one of the top 10 IT (information technology) companies in Asia by BusinessWeek; and was also rated as the top ranking manufacturer of computer hardware products in Taiwan in 2008.
Main Positives of Asus PB279Q
There are 3 main positives that this monitor offers the user. They are quality displays, extended range of connectivity options, and a good price-quality ratio. These positives are described below.
1. Quality of Display
This monitor offers an ultra-high display (UHD) resolution of 3840 X 2160pixels, and this brings it into the 4K range of resolution. 4K is a descriptor used to denote a horizontal resolution of 4000pixels. Technically speaking, the horizontal resolution of Asus PB279Q does not reach 4000pixels, and it can best be defined as a UHD monitor, but due to the widespread conventional use of UHD as synonymous with 4K, then Asus PB279Q is conventionally classified as a 4K monitor.
The feature-packed UHD display of Asus PB279Q uses advanced time-tested technology to render and deliver high-quality videos, images, and game graphics. To begin with, it uses a AHVA IPS single-panel display design to render full UHD resolution at a fine-textured refresh rate of 60 Hz. The panel display is further accentuated by the WLED back-lights.
The screen technology uses AHVA (Advanced Hyper-Viewing Angle), an advanced version of VA technology, which enables it to provide 178-degree viewing angles. This technology also supports the IPS (in-plane switching)-type panel to fine-tune its color reproduction. This technology also allows the display panel to offer a 16:9 aspect ratio in its wide-screen mode.
The display panel offers a brightness of 300cd per square meter and a 10-bit color coverage.
2. Connectivity
Its connectivity specs encompass a commendable array of input streams including HDMI 1.4 ports, a Mini DisplayPort and a DisplayPort 1.2. The digital DisplayPorts provide an interface that supports High-Continent digital content protection (abbreviated as HDCP), which allows the user to view protected or encrypted content.
There is a single DisplayPort 1.2 that is located adjacent to a Mini DisplayPort (mDP) 1.2. Either of these two ports affords a screen resolution of 3840 by 2160 at a refresh rate of 60Hz. It also has a 3.5mm audio port, and a 3.5mm earphone port.
There are four high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) 1.2 ports. These HDMI ports can also be used as MHL (mobile high-definition link) ports. The MHL ports enable tablets, smart-phones, and other compatible mobile devices to be connected to the monitor, and their input streams allows the user to view high-quality videos (including 8K videos), stored in the mobile device, using the monitor. These 4 HDMI/MHL connectors support a maximum of 4 simultaneous input streams, which is usually used when the display is switched to PbP (picture-by-picture) mode. The HDMI ports support a screen resolution of 3840 by 2160 pixels at a refresh rate of 30Hz.
3. Price-Quality Ratio
This feature-packed monitor retails for about 680 British pounds, or about USD870 at the current exchange rates. The quality of its display, along with the life-span and quality materials used to build this monitor, allow it to offer superb service for a long time. These benefits far outmatch the price value of the product.
Also, the monitor integrates a sound system that allows the user to get the best sound performance when using the device. The earphone port allows the user to connect an earphone to the monitor, and this is useful for gamers who want to enjoy their video games without disturbing the people around them. It can also be used by a gamer who wants to enjoy the benefits of an audio surround speaker system while playing a video game, and in this instance, the speaker system is connected to the monitor through the earphone jack.
The price includes accessories which are shipped alongside an Asus PB279Q. These accessories HDMI cables, Power brick, a USB cable, a power cable; along with DisplayPort cables; and they are used to augment the superb performance of the monitor. In summary, the performance, quality , and benefits afforded by this monitor surpasses its price tag, and thus the monitor has a good price-quality ratio.
Other Positives and Considerations
There are additional positives offered by this monitor. They include a 1.07 billion color array which can cover almost all visual highlights. Likewise, the monitor has a screen depth of 18mm which improves the visual scope of the screen.
The back-light panel is made up of powerful white light-emitting diodes which are well placed, and positioned in relation to each other so that they can maximize their lighting effect, and thus augmented the screen lighting as well as improve the quality of its visuals. This also allows this monitor to be used in darkened spaces including dimly-lit room without the user experiencing poor game graphics.
Its Delta E value is 1.8. The delta E value is the difference in value between the true color of an object, and how this color appears on the screen. A low value shows that this monitor captures the right spectrum of colors in an object.
This Delta E value allows gamers to have an exceptional gaming experience as they are able to discern various objects in the game play. This is quite important for high-graphics games which require exceptional image quality for the gamer to even move around in the scene.
However, if one needs a cinematic experience featuring a 21:9 aspect ratio, then the 34-inches LG 34UM95 is better than Asus PB279Q as it offers better display quality.
Asus and LG 4K Monitors.  Photo credit:
Even though this monitor comes with inbuilt speakers, they are of low quality, and their performance is not up to the levels that gamers need. For this reason, the manufacturer added an earphone port at the input panel. However, if the user needs to play music files stored in mobile phones using the inbuilt-speaker, then the phone can be connected to the audio-in port of the monitor and the speakers can then be used.
Design and Warranty
This monitor features a plain design and connected to its stand by a bezel. The height of its stand can be adjusted by the user. The base integrates a turntable which allows for the monitor to be rotated. The color of the bezel and stand is matte black, and this matches with the black color of the frame of the screen panel. 
Backside of Asus PB279Q monitor. Photo credit:
The monitor weighs about 7.7 kilograms without its stand, and approximately 10 kilograms with the stand fitted. This shows that the monitor can be mounted and dismounted from its stand.
Its input ports are well placed at the lower part of its backside. The displayports are located adjacent to the audio port. This convenient location allows the user to easily and cleanly fit the displayport cable into the monitor.
The in-built features, and the plain design of the monitor, as well as its relative low weight shows that the monitor has a sturdy design which allows a strong frame to carry its weight while providing space for ports and buttons for calibration.
The robust stand allows for a 5-degree forward tilt and a 20-degree backward tilt. Likewise, the height can be adjusted by 150 millimeters. Furthermore, its swivel mechanism allows for a 60-degree swivel, and this swivel can be either to the right or to the left.
The monitor has buttons that can be used to calibrate its display, as well as adjust its color spectrum. The lowest position that the user can bring the bottommost button to is 43mm above the desk surface, and the highest height that the topmost calibration button can be raised to is 410mm above the desk surface. Among the buttons is the power button.
This monitor has a warranty of three years since the purchase date. However, the warranty is valid if the monitor was purchased from authorized sellers or dealers, and if the purchaser has not modified any of the inbuilt features of the monitor. Though the manufacturer of the monitor is Asus, the main supplier of this monitor is OverClockers, a computer trading company that is based in the United Kingdom.
Final Words
The Asus PB279Q offers unrivaled value to gamers, with its 27-inch display rendering high-quality visuals that have high color accuracy. Likewise, its unique features, including an adjustable stand that allows the user to optimize the positioning of the monitor, and an array of MHL-capable HDMI ports which permit the user to connect compatible mobile devices to the monitor; ultimately work together to offer quality user experience.
The easy-to-use design of the monitor allows for easy operation of the device, while the myriad of calibration buttons allows the user to optimize the appearance and operations of the monitor. Likewise, the monitor is made from quality products, and its relative light-weight nature makes it portable. These features when compared with the price value show that the price-quality ration is good, and the gamer who purchases this product acquires a quality product at an affordable price.
Pros and Cons
Its main pros are:
- Exceptional color range.
- superb brightness
- Four HDMI ports.
- 10-bit color.
- Wide color gamut.
- Superb design.
- Good price-quality ratio.
- Display-enhancing software.
Its main cons are:
- It lacks HDMI 2.0 ports.
- No USB ports.
- Low-performance inbuilt speakers.

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