Monday, 28 November 2016

Features to Expect from the New Microsoft Phone Series

In early 2017, Microsoft plans to introduce a new phone, the Surface Phone, into the market. There will be three variants of the phone, with all the variants featuring the following common features; 5.7-inch display, keyboard flip case, and improved Continuum support, as well as a  Snapdragon 830 CPU. The surface phone family is envisaged as the replacement of the Lumia family; and is also expected to share one definitive common feature with Surface Hybrid Laptops – an all-metal body. Apart from the aforementioned features, what else can you expect from the new surface phone series. There are obviously positive expectations that people have about the new phone series, which will make it better than its predecessors, the Windows phone series and the Lumia Family. Probably, not all their expectations will be fulfilled. Nonetheless, at the moment the following features are known to have been incorporated into the Surface phone series.
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What to Expect from Microsoft New Phone
The new productivity-focused phone is expected to be the most secure phone produced by Microsoft to date. Also, there will be three iterations of the phone; the consumer model, the enthusiast edition, and the business model. Since the new phone is purposely built primarily for business users, it is expected that it have a mobile payment system, the Microsoft Wallet. Additionally, the advanced Continuum feature will allow the phone to better function as a Personal Computer when it is hooked up with the right gear. It will therefore support the running of Win32 apps.
With regards to specifications, there will be three flavors, each with a different memory and storage capacity. The expectations are as follows; Version 1 will have a memory of 3GB and a storage capacity of 32GB, Version 2 will have 6GB of memory and 128GB storage capacity, and Version 3 will have 8GB of memory and a storage capacity of 500GB.

The display of the phone is expected to feature QHD resolution. Additionally, the phone will feature a Carl Zeiss PureView 21-megapixel rear camera. The phone is also expected to be fitted with the USB Type-C port.

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